4. Fairy Tales

* 06.03.1996, Scattercash Allspice x Winterway's The Bell

Info on our litters in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

© Dunadan 1993

Sire to this second litter of Veera's was Jatsi, a handsome male from the only litter under Johanna Raane's affix Scattercash.The names were inspired by Oscar Wilde, once again, now using names of his fairytales. This litter only contained large or very large dogs - but extremely handsome dogs that were very successful in dog shows: four of the five dogs became Champions, all of them in at least two countries, three of them were International Champions, and they amassed altogether 6 different Winner titles. Therefore it is all the more sad to say that we never managed to mate the two bitches, and eventually both of them had to be spayed for health reasons. We guess that it would've beenfar too good to be true...


male Dunadan Happy Prince, mustard
male Dunadan Selfish Giant, mustard - C.I.B FIN & SE & EE CH V-99 NORDW-01
male Dunadan Young King, mustard - FIN & EE CH
female Dunadan Little Infanta, pepper - C.I.B FIN & SE & NO CH NORDW-97 FINW-98 FINW-99
female Dunadan Star Child, mustard - C.I.B FIN & SE & EE CH BALTW-98



A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.