Vuorman Arnold

17.08.1992 -- 06.04.2002, Bandelero x Midnight Lady v.d. Wielsterdijk

Info on Arno in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)


© Helena Vuorinen 1995


Arno was The Man in the house - a large, dark brindle Boxer male who hated passionately all dogs who were Not Us, but had surprising patience with Dandies and especially Dandie puppies. Each new "cottonhead" in the house was called to order once, but that was enough to make sure they remembered that a Boxer is not a doormat...

In his younger days he went to Working and Obedience trials, but after a few years this activity had to give way - not only because his handler Marjo was getting increasingly busy with all sorts of activities, but also because Arno suffered quite a few injuries. He always had to do everything with such energy and speed that accidents were frequent.

In the spring of 2002 his health began to get shaky, and also (partly no doubt because of health problems) also his temperament began to get rather short, even with the doggie friends he'd lived with. And so, on a glorious sunny day, we took him to run on still brighter fields of snow.


A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.