Dunadan Little Infanta

INT& FIN & S & N CH NORDW-97 FINW-98-99
06.03.1996 -- 18.08.2009, Scattercash Allspice x Winterway's The Bell

Info on Fanni in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

© Dunadan 2005


"Miss Fanni" was quite a special lady. A big but very feminine girl, occasionally loud and very particular about being treated according to her worth - in other words, the very picture of her mother, "Veera". And nobody was better than "Fanni" at doing exactly the way she is NOT asked to (because hey, otherwise it might look like she's actually obeying commands and such a mistake must never ever happen!). Like her mother she was good at keeping order in the pack. Poor boys if they happened to cross her way... they were immediately made aware of what a crime they had committed.

It is very unfortunate that this handsome bitch had to be spayed in December 1999 for health reasons, before she ever had her first litter. After that she mainly concentrated on lazing on the sofa, sleeping outside in the sun, sprawling on the terrace, and generally on things that require minimum energy. In the last years she even left taking care of the pack to others, provided, of course, that nobody disturbed her. Fanni, the laziest dog in the world, always knew how to make sure she never missed a meal or an opportunity for some beauty sleep.


A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.