Dunadan Selfish Giant

06.03.1996 -- 01.03.2007, Scattercash Allspice x Winterway's The Bell

Info on Kolja in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

© Minna Väyrynen 1998

This boy was, in Dandie terms, the size of a basketball player. The name was given because of innate merit: when he was born, he weighed no less than a whopping 395 grams. Nor did he ever get exactly smaller (not even relatively) with age. At his most massive he weighed nearly 20 kg.

He was actually a rather sensitive boy, and also quick to get nervous. He and his half-brother "Pallo" didn't much love each other's faces, and not even the few times when they managed to try and rearrange said faces helped the situation any. However, since they always were wildly different in size, their owners decided for them that the situation was to remain eternally unsolved.

When this big boy was younger, he also had a career in Agility - always enjoying it, and always completing the course, even if it took time. His opinion was that "this is too much fun to be rushed through, let's enjoy it properly"!


A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.