Dunadan Princess Leia

06.05.1997–29.05.2013, Dunadan Fire-Balloon x Noella's Coco Chanel

Info on Leia in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

© Dunadan 2006

Leia moved into a new home at the age of 8 weeks, but when she got older, her ego grew far bigger than Leia herself. Eventually the clashes between her and the older Dandie bitch in the house got too frequent and too bloody. When she was about 18 months old, she came back "home" to try out how life in the pack would go.

Surprisingly enough, it started working out, as soon as Leia had managed to anger the matron of the house, Madame Veera, so properly that one of her front legs didn't move at all for three weeks.This was all the teaching she needed, though, and ever since then the little but temperamental Leia has lived with us. She never got any puppies, despite several attempts, and was spayed at the age of 7 years. That made everybody's life a lot easier, especially her own!

Leia lived to a great old age and got to celebrate her 16. birthday in relatively good condition, even if she'd lost her hearing somewhere along the way and her legs wouldn't carry her as fast as her head would've wanted. Finally she got poorly and it was time to say goodbye to our little iron lady.


A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.