Toftir Foxy Lady

* 03.10.2004, Winterway's The Hope x Toftir Lady Luck

Info on Foxy in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

Toftir Foxy Lady

Years passed without puppies, our oldest dogs left for greener fields and even our own "puppies" started to get old - until we realized that this is it, there are not going to be any puppies in this house unless we go out and buy them! Sanna Malinen, who also lives in Kajaani, had an interesting litter in the works, so we reserved a bitch puppy from that.

Thus in November 2004 we introduced Foxy the little devil to shake up the old folks' peace. The lively young lady didn't take long to feel at home and really stirred things up! When she was a little baby, grandpa "Pallo" looked after her really well, and when she got a little older, our big boy "Kolja" realized to his great delight that he had a new little girlfriend! Things never get boring when Foxy is around: even though she may sleep peacefully at your feet, she's always ready for action within a fraction of a second. And as all proper girls do, she's particular about the most important routines: when it's time to get up in the morning, get some food, or go to bed, she's quick to remind us if we aren't punctual.

It was such a lot of fun to have a show dog, too, after a long while with dogs that already had everything they could get! Of course it was also nice that she did so well in shows, but that's not the main point. The most wonderful thing is that she always enjoys traveling, showing, the attention - what more can you ask of a show dog? She has also done very well in shows, was the most successful show Dandie in Finland in 2006 & 2007 despite having a litter as well. Not bad at all!

Agility is also tremendously much fun, actually almost too much fun... well, we'll see if her handler Marjo one day learns how to deal with a dog who really moves as fast as an Agility dog should? This hobby has been pushed to the sidelines recently, mainly because there simply hasn't been time and energy for it, but the plan is to get back to it yet.

Foxy was mated in the spring 2007, and on July 25 she gave birth to a pepper litter: four boys and one (big) girl. As Misa's puppies were born in the autumn of 2011, Foxy became a grandmother who rather kept some distance to the young ones to start with, but now happily plays with them if there's nobody around to see it.



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