The first Dandies and The Exception

That's how, in 1991, our first Dandie joined the family: the mustard bitch Noella's Coco Chanel "SALLI", who was going to be strictly just a pet. However, we had friends who were interested in dog shows, so it didn't take long before we changed our mind about this "just a pet" part.

Noella's Coco Chanel at 5 months

Still the same year another Dandie girl marched in. That girlie was the pepper bitch Winterway's The Bell "VEERA". We're eternally grateful to Marja & Nunnu Talvitie for letting us have this energetic bitch - her arrival completed the change that began with our first dog. Salli showed us the way to the world of dog people, Veera to dog shows and breeding.

Veera & Salli 1991

The next two years we mostly spent traveling around Finland to dog shows... except that we acquired a third dog: the handsome dark brindle Boxer male "ARNO", (Vuorman Arnold). And the dog madness had progressed to a point where we had to move into a bigger apartment.

Arno, Veera & Salli 1993

All that showing was not in vain. "Salli" became a Finnish Champion, while "Veera" even visited Italy and Southern France where she did well enough to become an International Champion. It must be noted here that "Veera" was also the very first Dandie to be placed among the top five in the Finnish Kennel Club's big shows in the Helsinki Exhibition Center (BIG-5 in December 1993).

A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.