In Memoriam

Many different dogs have lived with us - some of them for a while, some a little longer. On this page we remember only those that we consider as Our Own Dogs, the ones that shared their whole life with us.

Leia © Dunadan 2007

Noella's Coco Chanel

Foxy © Dunadan

Winterway's The Bell

Misa © Dunadan

Vuorman Arnold

Renny © Dunadan

Dunadan Selfish Giant

Marleena © Dunadan

Dunadan Little Infanta

Justiina © Dunadan

Dunadan Fire-Balloon


Leia © Dunadan 2007

Dunadan Princess Leia


Dunadan Dandies in 1998

© Dunadan 1998

A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.