Dunadan Fire-Balloon

* 18.02.1994 -- 25.01.2010; Gustl von der Libellenau x Winterway's The Bell

Info on Pallo in the Finnish Kennel Club database (in Finnish)

© Dunadan 2005

"Pallo" was the first of our own puppies whom we decided to keep at home. So he stayed under the wings of his stern mother "Veera", and the result was a pretty boy who concentrated on Being Pretty. We tried Agility, we tried Obedience, but no way. "Pallo" was firmly of the opinion that beautiful men only need to be beautiful, let the uglier ones run and rant as much as they like.

Of course there are Important Reasons that make sportiness a virtue... Thus, while on an Agility course a 40cm hurdle was an insurmountable obstacle, it was a whole different matter when he was left at home behind a 70cm wooden gate and there was a bitch in heat on the other side.

Talking about girls means talking about something that "Pallo" liked very much. He had altogether 16 offspring (3 litters) and during his lifetime became at least a great-grandfater if not something even great-greater! In 2007 he was diagnosed with a tumor in a testicle, but no worries -- those by now unnecessary assets were removed, and he continued to enjoy his retirement without them for a good while longer.

He lived to a great age, too, less than one month short of 16 years. Thanks for those years!



A Dandie looks at you as though he's forgotten more than you ever knew.